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Starting fresh!

by Lenorinel, 1396 days ago

As most of you have probably seen me saying in world chat, Knights of the White Tree are starting afresh. That means that we leave the history of the kinship behind us and start from the beginning! KoWT will be an international, english-speaking kinship, with mature and relaxed players. In order to do this, we will need new members and i think that we will need a couple more officers too. So, if anyone has ideas and wants to help us in turning a new page, feel free to contact me! :)

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And old leader becomes the new leader!

by Oily Love, 1625 days ago


Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer the best man for the job and for this reason I've decided to resign. An offer has come from an old kinship leader to take on the honour of being the leader of this kinship. I've made Afthandir leader of the kinship.

He has offered to take on this position and I have confidence in him to bring back some of the old KOWT vibe many of us so much need. Thanks for letting me be the leader of the greatest kin Evernight has ever known! It truly was an honour!

Best of luck to Afthandir!



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Time for change: update

by Oily Love, 1895 days ago


As stated in my previous post: there was a need for change. With this in mind we looked around for possibilities. We recruited some new members and the kinship started to grow again. Then we found a really good opportunity: a merge with Fearless. They also found themselves in a position where few people were online. We welcome them in our kin and we have made Carolinriel, Tanick and Orwell officers, to emphasize their importance and contribution to our kin. This was a good step in a bigger more active kinship and we continue to work to get the Knights back into shape!

Oily Love

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